About Us

Blueport is an outsourcing company with headquarters located in Manila, Philippines and marketing office in Mayfair, London UK. Our company specialize in setting up, hosting, and managing offshore operations offering flexible business solutions to clients all over the world. By outsourcing management and workflow processes, companies reduce their costs, increase operational flexibility to achieve success in growth and revenue. Our business process services are designed to cater to any type of organization from start-ups, SME’s to large multinationals.

Blueport’s innovative design concept can work on any budget, whether setting up a huge team based on line deliverable or different job specifications or a dedicated staff that can be a personal assistant that can organize your personal and business needs. Our utmost dedication to provide the most cost-efficient outsourcing solutions with flexible terms is part of the company’s mission to be the best in the industry. We place our client at the core of everything we do.

We put our dedication to our client’s success.