Lower Cost
The service fees we charge for providing office space, workstations, management, and overhead will save you about 70% compared to housing and supporting your staff locally. This will show up in our pricing regardless of whatever pricing model we use.

Increased Operational Flexibility
Our contract terms and service delivery models will provide you a lot more flexibility. You will be able to ramp up operations fast without CAPEX and when business change is needed; you will be able to reduce OPEX fast without the need of expensive severance packages and settlements.

Skilled Labor
Philippine labor is globally known to have a very large, highly skilled, well-experienced and available labor pool. If you are having a hard time attracting and retaining top talent locally, then off shoring staff with us is the best solution. The same may apply to highly repetitive tasks that can be best done and performed offshore.

Transparency and Control
The cost that we will provide is transparent and completely in your control. You know exactly the salary and benefits of your team and you can budget this directly. You will have direct access to your team and you are free to coordinate with them through the appointed Blueport Manager.

Operational Time zone
We can operate on any type of working schedule based on your business needs. Filipino employees are willing to work on night shifts and customized work schedule. Blueport can generally cover any operational time zone.