E-Staff Solution

Staff leasing has been one of the major innovation on the global workforce system. This has been a guaranteed cost-effective management wherein huge companies and the Fortune 500 have found their niche in the demanding and tumultuous global economy.

It is proven that staff-leasing can reduce cost of up to 70% of what a company pays to maintain its employees. With this design, your company can lift up the burden of bulk work in management systems and costs and focus on managing your business core values and achieve unlimited growth.

Blueport created an innovative concept to cater the needs and demands of Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) businesses to practically and economically ride the wave of the global economy. Blueport created a simple process system wherein managing and monitoring employees is like a cubicle away, and recruiting an E-Staff will be based on your employee model skill set, experiences, character and work attitude.

You may opt to lead the recruitment process and training of your employees or have our experienced management team identify and select the best candidate based on your job description. Your company also has the option to set-up a team or teams or just hire an individual. The option is yours and our company can customize our services and capabilities to set-up your model office.

Blueport can cater to a wide array of outsourcing services from IT-related to Back-Office support. Our company has one of the most competitive and competent management team with experiences in working with best IT and BPO companies in the world like IBM, Dell, JP Morgan Chase, Convergys, etc. that guarantees that Blueport can provide customized and innovative solutions to meet your company’s global demands.