Health Services

The Philippines is well known to be a haven of Skilled and Experienced Nurses, who have worked and trained with local and foreign clinics, hospitals and even care-giving centers. You can tap these vital resources to fully utilize your operations whether you are a doctor, physician a clinic or a full operational hospital.

Medical Transcription
This is also known as MT, which deals in the process of converting voice-recorded, real-time or online reports like up-to-date and confidential patient records as dictated by the physician and/or other healthcare professionals into text format. This can be printed and placed on patients’ records, or can be retained in electronic format.  Transcribing directly for a doctor or a group of physicians, there are specific formats and report types used, dependent on that doctor's specialty of practice, although history and physical exams or consults are mainly utilized, these can be arranged and sourced depending on the skill set of the staff you want to hire.

Bills and Claims Administration
This is the processing of comprehensive claims or certain aspects of employee benefits or member benefits that may encompass 401k, insurance claims, and retirement plans or HSA (Health Savings Account) or FSA (Flexible Spending Account). Bills for medical or health related invoices and reports that needed to be filed for bookkeeping or tax exemption.

Clinical Support
These can be Back-office work that supports your hospital or clinic, from date entry on hospital and patient records, to billing and staffing, or coordination and fulfillment to order processing to pharmaceuticals and retail stores to ordering and accounting clinical and administration needs.

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