E-Staff Solution

Our standard pricing model is based on a simple and completely transparent pricing structure whereby we will charge you a fixed fee per full-time employee per month.

Manpower Cost
This is the total cost of base salary, benefits and taxes. This is openly shared to you so you may compare and decide which candidate fits your budget.

Services Fee
This is the fee we provide for our shared services consisting of office space, workstation hardware and software, internet connectivity and telecom, operations management, technical and overhead support.

Based on the current market, our fees can be considered to be the most affordable. Given the design and flexibility of our company we can naturally work on any budget. In our pricing transparency, it is assured that our interests are aligned and that there is no incentive for us to hire people with low salaries and bill them at high rates.

Project Outsourcing

The pricing of our project outsourcing will vary depending on the scope and nature of work.

Hourly Rates
We charge fixed hourly rates depending on the manpower-based projects. This can be useful if you need to complete a project for a certain number of hours.

Deliverable-based fee
We offer a fixed fee per deliverable. Example would be a fixed price per logo or web design, transcribed recording or database record.

Contract Pricing
We can also set a fixed fee per contract or completion of a project, like website creation with end-to-end services.