Our Process

Blueport Business Outsourcing takes a hands-on approach with all our clients. Our client’s success is the main goal of the business by understanding our clients’ needs. Our Management team will work with you identifying your goals, deliverables and expectations. We will create a solution that gets you up and running in as early as 1-2 weeks.

Introduction to Blueport
Blueport Business Management team will tell you all about our services and we will then help you find the perfect solution on how we can help you with your requirements. Once we have identified this we will deliver a customized cost-effective strategy and identify a clear staffing plan that includes detailed job descriptions and head counts.

Cost Proposal
We will use the staffing plan to create a cost sheet that will break down all the costs from base salary, benefits, and service fees per job profile. The manpower estimates will be based on the Philippine labor market. The actual price you will pay per employee will depend on the salary and benefits of that particular employee and all those details are shared with you.

Terms of Service
We will send you a draft of our Service Agreement which clearly defines our terms of service. This will be defined and drafted in our final Service Agreement document.

Blueport will start a recruitment process to pool candidates based on your desired skill set and experience. You may opt to interview and select the candidates. We can set–up an interview through video conferencing to assure that you get what you are looking for. You can have them take any test or sample assignment that you deem necessary to make your choice. You can customize the entire screening and selection process, and be as involved as you want.

We will work with you on getting all necessary infrastructure in place. We will assign an office space to your team or staff and set-up workstation hardware. If you have any specific hardware, software, network or applications requirements, we will coordinate to put these in place to make sure that your offshore team or staff is fully in sync with your domestic operations.

We will schedule a 1-on-1/Team training session to fully synergize the staff to your policy, culture and norms.

Once training is complete, we can schedule the staff’s work hours based on your operational needs to begin working for you.

Our Management Team will be your point of contact for the day-to-day operations of your team. We will make sure we understand your expectations and operational goals and make sure that those expectations are met and exceeded.