Proofing and Editing

To have a 100%-free from any typographical or grammatical errors has been the main drive of any company that are in the actual business of creating and publishing contents and the need for this position has been highly valued.

A variety of medium has outsourced this service due to the incredible amount of content developed for print media and new media like websites, mobile services, social media and video, applications and gaming. The Philippines furthermore has great universities that provide courses in journalism, communication, and creative writing and the Filipinos have a great command in the English-language that gives them superiority in providing outsourced services for this medium.

With Blueport you have the power to choose whether you want to have a project –based service or have a full-time staff multi-tasking proofreading or editing jobs for you or your company. This can easily be done with us and your staff can start in 1-2 weeks time.

Contact Blueport Management Team so we can help you set-up and explore the unlimited benefits and our dedication your success.