Online Surveys

Some companies opt to conduct surveys to gauge their market, ranging from a company who wants to see their scope or a 3rd party company doing research for a client. An online survey specialist can pretty much work on different aspects of the job, whether a mystery shopper or participating on focus group to either gather necessary information or create reports valuation from survey results. Online Survey has been a lucrative business both for businesses, consultants, individuals or even moms looking for part-time jobs.

Here at Blueport, we can provide you individuals who can do the job for you. This work can be on the back-office side of the job or the full interactive participation of a staff. This can be done either by hiring your full time E-staff or by setting a performance-based project through our Project Outsourcing solution.

Contact Blueport Management Team so we can help you set-up and explore the unlimited benefits and our dedication to your success.