Virtual/Personal Assistant

A Virtual Assistant (VA) can be someone whom you can rely on for administrative duties such as setting up appointments, proof-read documents, manage your mail, book travel arrangements and many more. This entire job can be done by competent employees a thousand miles away from where you are. This will also lower your cost or not pay for employee-related taxes, benefits, office space, equipment and supplies.

In recent years Virtual Assistants have also worked their way into many mainstream businesses and with the advent of VOIP or other services such as Skype, expecting on-time deliverables with the highest quality of work can be easily achieve with only having the internet as your asset.

With today’s technology, you can have these tasks done remotely at a lower cost, and still get the 100% quality in service. Blueport can provide you with competent individuals to fit your requirements for this type of service. Most Filipino workers can work on any schedule following different time zone so whether you are on the USA, Europe or Africa we can virtually set-up a staff that can work as your person assistant.

Contact Blueport Management Team so we can help you set-up and explore the unlimited benefits and our dedication to your success.